Our First Post!

A wonderful crisp and fresh December morning here at Glenlockhart Cottage, rays of low winter sun streaming through the horse chestnut tree at the bottom of the garden. Just clearing up the last of the autumn leaves but haven’t touched the pile in the corner as we think there may be a hedgehog hibernating under there. Something (a fox, probably) has burrowed underneath the fence overnight – we’ve no problem with it taking a shortcut into the garden next door, but what a mess!   

Topped up the bird feeders and scattered some seed underneath for the wood pigeons, we’ve taken pity on them as they usually only get the husks that the smaller birds drop from the feeders. The blackbirds have now pecked every last berry from the rowan tree, so we have given them an early Christmas present of some apples, cut in half and hidden under the bushes so that hopefully the thieving squirrels won’t find them. Caring for garden wildlife at this time of year is almost a full time job! Only two more days to go before the days start getting longer again…

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